Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anaheim here we come!

After only 3 1/2 months of preperation the DivaSchmivas were on the road to Anaheim via United and American Airlines. Lorine flew in from Virginia and I flew in from Arkansas and we met in California raring to go.

In less than 4 months time Lorine and I accomplished what I think is a small miracle. Together we developed 3 full lines to show at CHA. Not an easy feat I might add. It began with the concept for each line, then the artwork was designed, then made into fabric, then products were designed, that were then photographed, written about, and made ready for the show. We also created our own website, developed our own marketing materials, and planned the set up for our booth.

And it was all worth it. We received a great deal of interest in our products, met many new people, and were able to see all of our designer friends too boot.

More from the "real" writer in the partnership - Lorine - next time right here!

Cyndi Hansen

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  1. Cyndi - first off I have to say that you and I spell our names the same way (although in Cool2Craft it has me listed at Cynthia). Secondly, you are from Arkansas??? I live in Canada now but I am a Razorback alumni. Went to UALR my 1st year and Fayetteville for the rest. My sister and her family and my mom all still live there - they're in Bryant. Arkansas is one of my favourite places on earth - you are very lucky to live there!