Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cool 2 Craft

the DivaSchmivas are getting ready to hit the airwaves when they appear as guests on the Cool 2 Craft web TV episode this coming Monday, March 8th. We, Cyndi and I will be throwing out crafting challenges to the group twice a month and see where they land. Our first challenge is to get up and running. Cyndi is having some technical difficulties out there in Arkansas and might have to call into the show. We will be sure to post her photo so that you can see how pretty she is. Our first challenge involves soda pop cans - it seemed like such a good idea I thought we should go for adding sewing to the mix. Of course sewing can mean so many things. Do you have to use a sewing machine - no way. Sewing can be hand, machine or using your feet if you are that talented. Simply put - thread somethings through a hold in the soda can and call it sewing. I myself love my sewing machine and am planning on using it in my part of the challenge. I will put my 30+ year old Elna 'a workhorse of a machine by the way' into the mix. Here is a photo of a quick project I did for my Sewing Savvy e-letter a few months ago. It received some wonderful commments. Have fun and be sure to tune in on Monday, March 8th at 12:00 noon EST.

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