Friday, March 12, 2010

Living in the Country has a downside

Well until just recently I couldn't think of too many reasons I didn't like living in the country. The air is fresh, there's plenty of room, and the neighbors are far enough off they don't bother you too much. However, when it comes to modern technology we are a little lacking. Case and point - I was supposed to be on Cool 2 Craft with my partner extraordinaire Lorine Mason last week. However, my computer waves weren't strong enough to get a decent picture out for all to see. So I opted out on the live video for the time being and chose to go into town and use the computer at work where I could chat along with everyone else. Little did I know the work computers don't have speakers! therefore no sound! So I must apologize for not contributing to the show. However, Lorine did such a fine job on her own I don't think anyone missed me.

Thanks to all who tuned in to see Lorine and the other fine designers that joined Tiffany. Be sure and tune in often to see all the wonderful things we designers can dream up. And when u hit a lull please wander over to our website for a looksey!

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