Sunday, March 28, 2010

It is strange to see yourself after the fact on a program such as Cool 2 Craft. No matter how much I prepare my samples, set the stage, put on the lipstick etc it seems I am somehow caught off guard while on air. I cannot seem to stop the questions running through my head at 50 miles an hour even while I am presenting my latest creation live on air. Am I explaining it correctly, do I look into the camera lense enough, can the viewers connect with me. It is amazing I don't just explode right there on air. However it seems I trudge along and get through the craft while explaining at least 90% of what I needed to say. Why do I do this to myself? I guess I have a need to push and I love what I do and need to connect to others that love being creative. This business I have chosen to navigate my way through can be a lonely one as I find myself day after day sitting in my studio working with my various projects, meeting deadlines and communicating through the internet but not talking face to face with anyone. It does not seem normal somehow to be surrounded by so many people yet be so isolated from everyone. We connect on websites, blogs, texting, and once in awhile even communicating through the telephone but what happened to sitting across the table from someone and crafting. I am not alone in this - that I am positive of. I have been invited to a luncheon next week where we were asked to bring along something to work on - some of us knit, some of us sew - but we all like to talk and of course eat which will be the common denominators. I am so looking forward to this luncheon and connecting face to face with creative types. I have been alone too much lately.

By the way, here is a photo of my latest project seen on Cool2Craft. Be sure to tune in on April 19th where I will be showing off Mother's day crafting 'photo transfer' gift ideas.

Sewfar, Sewgood


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