Monday, May 10, 2010

Bet you guessed who's the list maker!

Well the countdown is on. Lists are being highlighted as we speak!
Artwork done - check
Posters made - check
Tools & such packed - check
Website updated - check
Highlights in hair - check
Wax upper lip - check
Nails done - check
Now the hard part begins - the packing of the clothing!

This is probably harder for me than anything else.
I'm one of those that changes outfits 6 times before I make up my mind.
Then there's the whole shoe, accessory thing.
Change one thing you can throw off the entire lot!
So I thought I'd make it easy on myself this trip. I'm wearing black!
Black and pink, black and peach, black with flowers, black and black.
I may even cut back to only 2 pairs of black shoes!

But seriously, Lorine and I have worked very hard to get to this place. To show what
we can do as artists, as a company, and as good friends. We hope you will all be thinking of us this next weekend as we embark on another Diva adventure. Please tell your friends to follow our blog and stay tuned for more news from New York!


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