Monday, May 10, 2010

Countdown to Surtex

The countdown has begun and the DivaSchmivas are almost on their way to New York City. After much hard work, a lot of laughter and no less than a few thousand emails flying across the country between Arkansas and Virgina they are getting close. The DivaSchmivas, the heart and the soul of the company will meet at an undisclosed hotel in the great city of New York on Saturday, May 15th, 2010. Let the party begin. But first a quick look at their journey.

The true list maker of the two has had her hands full these last few months, but change is good they say so between the deadline, artwork, jobs and ultimate vision changes to the business model she has managed to maintain a quirky half smile and that is good thing. She has a sense a humor and that gets her through most things. Well that, and the back up plan on becoming a laughter yoga teacher if her day job does not work out.

As for the non-list making partner, she too has had her trials with this partnership thing. Working with a partner that needs to go to bed before the witching hour when she is just getting started is definitely a challenge at times. Never mind the house full of dogs, the yard full of ducks and guinea hens, the day job that pays the bills and of course all those lists that keep coming, she remains somewhat focused and has learned pretty quickly just how to work the list thing to her advantage when needed.

Through all this they remain friends and partners with the knowledge that to be a DivaSchmiva you have to know when to put away the Diva and just relax and let the Schmiva part of your true personality shine.

Get ready New York the DivaSchmivas are about to shake things up .....

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